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More than 100 thousand people evacuated in California due to large-scale forest fires

Rescuers evacuated residents of at least 23 thousand houses

Photo: REUTERS / Gene Blevins

More than one hundred thousand people were evacuated in the vicinity of Los Angeles (California) due to raging natural fires in the state. According to CNN, the elements claimed the lives of at least one person.

In total, according to the television company, rescuers evacuated residents of at least 23 thousand houses. About a thousand firefighters are fighting the elements in southern California. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, more than 75 buildings have been destroyed to date. There are four victim assistance centers throughout the state.

About 300 thousand people are left without electricity after the energy company Pacific Gas and Electric, recognized as responsible for the most devastating fire in the modern history of the state of California, deliberately suspended the supply of electricity. Outages initially affected approximately 800 thousand people.

As a result of a natural fire in northern California in November 2018, at least 85 people were killed, according to authorities. Flames destroyed over 14 thousand houses, more than 520 commercial buildings, and more than 4 thousand other buildings. The area of the burned-out territory amounted to more than 620 square meters. Km

It was found that the disaster was triggered by a malfunction in the power lines of the Pacific Gas and Electric in the area of the village of Pulga in northern California. The company agreed to pay a fine of $1 billion.

Recall that we wrote earlier that due to the heat and strong wind several regions of Greece swept through forest fires. The fire almost reached the capital — Athens. The highest level of danger is declared in several districts at once: Attica, Peloponnese, Arcadia, and all central regions. On the southern island of Elafonisos — massive evacuation. Local residents and a tourist camp were resettled there.

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