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Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Challenges Trump

Starting with protests against police brutality and racism, Seattle residents took several blocks in the central part of the city and declared it the “Autonomous Region of Capitol Hill.” At the entrance to the Autonomous Region, there is a poster: “This territory belongs to the people of Seattle.”

The area is located next to the Eastern section of the Police Department, which until recently was the site of violent protests; police used tear gas the day after Seattle's mayor Jenny Durkan and police chief Carmen Best imposed a 30-day ban on its use. The police chief argued that the use of gas was necessary to ensure safety on the streets of the city, and the police were forced to leave the station, fearing that the protesters would burn them there.

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Challenges Trump

Protesters insist on the territory of the Autonomous Zone; US laws do not apply. The rebellious population appeared armed militia and the commander in chief — the former rapper Raz Simon, known by the stage name Soundcloud.

President Donald Trump called the protesters home-grown terrorists and threatened to send troops to the city. Addressing Dercan and Governor Jay Insley, he said: “Get your city back now. If you do not do it, then I will do it. I'm not kidding”.

In response, the Governor of Washington and the mayor of Seattle challenged the US president. Governor Jay Insley (Democratic Party): “A person who is completely unable to rule the state should not interfere in the affairs of the state of Washington.” Mayor Jenny Derk (Democratic Party): “Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker. ”

Protesters seized the Seattle City Hall. The capture was held with the participation of a member of the city council Kshama Savant, an activist of the Trotskyist movement “International Socialist Alternative.” She is supported by radical leftists and militants of the Antifa movement.

In the building of the City Hall, Savant called the police of the Eastern Section a terrorist cell, called for moving beyond the bipartisan system of the United States, for the establishment of a working-class party and the nationalization of large corporations. In particular, she proposed taxing the Amazon corporation, headquartered in Seattle, and the owner, Jeff Bezos, was recognized as the richest man in the world ($143.2 billion).

Among Kshama Savant's other demands are a complete ban on the use of special means by police to disperse demonstrations, 100% deprivation of Seattle police funding, cancellation of pensions by retired police officers, resumption of investigations into all past cases of police violence in Washington state, review of court sentences for convicted “color” representatives peoples by jury.

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