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Melania Trump was in no hurry to move to the White House because of a marriage contract

Melania Trump was in no hurry to move to the White House because of a marriage contract

Melania Trump was in no hurry to move to the White House after her husband became head of state. It was then that she revised her marriage contract, the new book on the presidential couple says.

The wife of the 45th president of the United States, Melania Trump, was delayed in moving to the White House after her husband’s inauguration due to a review of the terms of the marriage contract, writes The Washington Post, citing a book by journalist Mary Jordan.

Jordan in her book The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump claims that America's first lady decided to renegotiate the terms of her marriage contract with Donald Trump. This was influenced by the information that emerged during the election campaign about Trump's numerous betrayals.

The book indicates that the media Melania allegedly learned a lot about the relationship of her husband with other women.

Mary Jordan also writes that “the calming effect of Melania on her husband” was so great that Trump's entourage and at least one of his adult children asked her to come to the White House as soon as possible. “

In addition, it is indicated in the material, the conditions of the original contract “were not incredibly generous.”

At the same time, Melania Trump herself explains the delay in moving to the White House by the reluctance to interrupt the school year of Barron's son.

It was also reported that Melania Trump put on a mask and turned to the nation. Many noted that Melania’s speech was at odds with her husband’s words.

Recall, Melania Trump embarrassed in public. She did not cope with big scissors at an official event.

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