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North Korea threatens US to intervene in US elections

Pyongyang demands that Washington not interfere in inter-Korean affairs

North Korea threatens US to intervene in US elections

North Korea said the United States has no right to comment on inter-Korean affairs and it’s in Washington’s interests to remain calm if Americans want the upcoming presidential election to go smoothly.

The statement was made after the US State Department said it was disappointed with the DPRK’s decision to suspend the hotline with South Korea. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the North Korean media.

“If the United States puts its nose into other people's affairs with careless remarks ... while their political situation is in the worst confusion, they may encounter an unpleasant thing that is difficult to deal with,” said North Korean diplomat Kwon Jung Gang.

At the same time, the DPRK Foreign Ministry hinted that they could create problems for the United States during the presidential election.

“This (US non-intervention) would not only be in the interests of the United States but would also contribute to a successful upcoming presidential election,” said Kwon Jung Gang.

It is unclear what North Korea will do to disrupt the election or cause problems for the campaign for the re-election of US President Donald Trump, commented on the statement, James Kim, a researcher at the Asan Institute for Political Studies in Seoul.

North Korea said on Tuesday, June 9th that it would block all lines of communication with South Korea in response to South Korean campaign leaflets.

According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, this step will be the first in the list of decisions on the complete destruction of all possible means of communication with South Korea and the cessation of other “unnecessary actions”.

On Wednesday, June 10, South Korea said it would sue two organizations that do this.

Earlier, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Ye-Jeong, who unofficially serves as the chief of staff of Kim Jong-un, warned that she would terminate the 2018 inter-Korean military agreement if South Korea could not stop the defectors and activists from scattering anti-Pyongyang leaflets in the border areas.

We note that amid rumors of either a serious illness or even the death of the leader of North Korea, Western media have come up with versions who could replace Kim Jong-un at the highest state post. Most often, the name of the younger sister Kim Jong-un — Kim Ye Jung — appears in the media.

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