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William Barr: US authorities plan to arrest organizers rioters

William Barr: US authorities plan to arrest organizers rioters

US authorities are aiming to curb the radical groups that are responsible for incidents of violence during the protests.

US authorities intend to arrest a number of people accused of organizing riots during the protests caused by the death of black George Floyd. This was stated by Minister of Justice and Attorney General William Barr in an interview with Fox News, which was shown on June 9.

“It was such that the ultra-right groups tried to impersonate the ultra-left. The ultra-left pretended to be the ultra-right. Representatives of both sides tried to incite violence,” Barr said, referring to the unrest in the country.

He confirmed that he planned to detain persons who acted as organizers.

“I can’t set a timeline for these investigations. However, I think we are fully committed to curbing these groups,” said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

Recall, June 8, Barr said that US authorities are conducting investigations against a number of protesters in the country related to the anti-fascist movement of Antifa.

He specified that these people were detained during protests on charges of a number of crimes.

Trump promised to recognize the Antifa movement as a terrorist organization

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