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US protests: a country teetering on the brink of chaos and violence

US protests: a country teetering on the brink of chaos and violence

Under pressure from a protesting crowd, officials want to cut police funding. Democrats plan to launch a broad reform package to curb police use of excessive force.

After the record of the murder of a George Floyd, was distributed on the Internet, riots and pogroms broke out in the northern city of Minneapolis. US President Donald Trump in his Twitter account called the demonstrators “bandits” and threatened to use force.

“You will loot, we’ll start shooting,” he intimidated.

Curfews have been introduced in 40 cities across the country. But part of the protesters in parallel with the protests took up pogroms and the looting of shops.

In the wake of the riots that swept the United States after the death of an African American, hundreds of shops and private businesses were destroyed or damaged by robbers. In New York City, luxury boutiques in Manhattan near the famous Fifth Avenue were looted. The damage from the actions of the rioters amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. To date, the city’s police have managed to arrest more than a thousand people and seize part of the stolen property. In the whole country, the wave of violence and looting is on the decline.

During the riots in the United States, 114 law enforcement officers were injured in the country, 22 were hospitalized. This was during a press conference said Attorney General William Barr.

In a number of states, the authorities, having let the protesters let off steam, take control of the situation on the streets with varying success. In the capital of the country, the city of Washington, the demonstrations are now taking place peacefully, without provocations. Now they are more like flash mobs. Instead of the National Guard’s armored “Hummers” in the streets, there are now mobile stalls with ice cream and fast food, as well as signs where you can find a toilet, get medical help and relax.

Tens of thousands of people still gather near the White House and chant slogans. In addition to justice for African Americans, demonstrators demand the resignation of the American president. In between the slogans they dance.

On Monday, it became known that the US National Guard units were leaving Washington, and by Tuesday authorities would return fighters guarding the American capital to permanent deployment centers. Instead of them, those reinforced in police orders come into the service. This decision was made by trump. According to him, the situation in Washington is “under full control”.

In New York, the curfew imposed in the city last week was canceled. Mayor Bill de Blasio explained this by saying that the protests went peacefully. In practice, the curfew was still not respected by the protesters: all week they did not leave the streets even after nightfall.

Violent protests against excessive police violence forced authorities in several cities to take appropriate measures. The Denver Police Department on Sunday changed its rules and banned all uses of asphyxiation techniques and devices as part of efforts to combat the use of force by its employees.

The movement to cut back on funding for the police departments or completely disband them broke out after the murder of George Floyd. Then, activists, local leaders, and elected officials called for a radical change in the concept of public safety amid nationwide protests against police brutality.

Demonstrators chant “Defund the police” at meetings near the mayors' houses, and also print this slogan on face masks and write it with cans on the walls in many cities. In Washington, DC, the phrase now appears in huge yellow letters on the recently named Black Lives Matter Plaza on 16th Street next to the White House.

Although such a concept has long existed among left activists and scholars, officials from Washington to Los Angeles are now seriously considering ways to cut back on police departments and redirect funding to social programs.

In Minneapolis, nine city council members on Sunday announced plans to disband the city police department. They did not suggest a timetable or specific actions that they plan to take but said they were “taking intermediate steps to stop” the use of violence.

Meanwhile, protesters across the country say their efforts are far from over, as two weeks after the assassination of George Floyd, they continue to condemn entrenched bias in law enforcement and call for radical change. This happens as more and more major cities abolish curfews.

The US Congress is also under pressure from crowds of protesters, and Democrats are expected to come up with a broad reform package on Monday to curb police use of excessive force.

The fact that the police violence situation is extremely dangerous became clear last week in Minneapolis. There, advocates of racial justice clashed with Mayor Jacob Frey in front of a crowd of protesters, asking if he would commit himself to disband the police department.

On Monday, nine members of the Minneapolis City Council have already announced plans to disband the police department. Earlier it became known that the budget of the Los Angeles Police Department will be reduced to $150 million to provide funding for programs in the color communities, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced last Wednesday.

Proponents of police budget cuts say reform alone is not enough. They say leaders need to make policy changes that reduce dependence on officers and redistribute money spent on law enforcement to black communities for services such as schools, healthcare, and housing.

“When we talk about reducing police funding, we say that we invest in the resources our communities need,” said Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, in an interview with NBC News. “What we really need is to increase housing financing, we need to increase the budget for education, we need to increase the amount of money allocated to improve the quality of life of the communities that are now overly controlled by the police.”

Both Democrats and Republicans want to play a street protest card before the presidential election. Meanwhile, protests are already affecting the course of the election campaign and the ratings of the candidates — Trump and Biden. 55% of Americans don’t like the way Trump behaves in a situation with protests, only a third like it. This is less than the overall approval rating of the president, which is 39%.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden also takes advantage of the situation. It became known that he intends to attend the funeral of George Floyd, whose death became the very match from which the United States literally broke out.

U.S. officials and doctors are concerned that mass protests in different states could trigger a new outbreak of COVID-19, The New York Times notes. Demonstrations and clashes with police in the United States are taking place against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. Because of her, 40 million Americans were left without work. People go out to shares without means of protection against infection and do not observe the distance. Meanwhile, the number of infected COVID-19 in the United States exceeded two million, 118 thousand people died.

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