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In Syria, a bomb was blown up under the armored car of the Russian military

In Syria, a bomb was blown up under the armored car of the Russian military

The Russian military patrol was once again attacked in northern Syria. A bomb exploded under an armored car. The Russian military said there were no casualties, Kurdish media reported about three wounded.

In Syria, unidentified persons blew up a makeshift explosive device under a patrol car of the Russian military police. This was reported by the Russian Center for Reconciliation.

Everything happened on the morning of June 9 in the area of the city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan. Unknowns tried to force the patrol to turn off the road. “When turning around at the end of the route of a Russian car, an explosive device triggered underneath,” the military said.

No one was injured in the explosion, noted in the center.

Kurdistan 24 TV channel also reported about the explosion on the way of the patrol of the Russian military police. He specified that the incident occurred in the village of Marge Ismail near Kobani. According to the channel, three Russian servicemen were injured. Local security forces were sent to the scene. Information about the three wounded confirms Rojava Network: according to the agency, the injured soldiers were evacuated to the hospital.

Russian units regularly patrol Kurdish areas in northern Syria in accordance with an agreement reached with Turkey at the end of October 2019. In accordance with it, Turkey stopped the military operation “Source of Peace”, aimed against the Syrian Kurds. In exchange, a security zone was established within about 30 km of the border. Now Russian and Turkish military patrol it.

Patrols in these areas have repeatedly faced aggression by local residents, dissatisfied with the presence of foreign troops. In November 2019, the Russian Typhoon armored car was bombarded with Molotov cocktails. In December 2019, a bomb went off on the patrol's path, while three Russian soldiers were slightly injured.

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