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Centralization of the police under the banner of its elimination?

Centralization of the police under the banner of its elimination?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden presented two opposing approaches to solving the current crisis in American society.

The former US vice president, who recently became the formal winner of the primaries of the Democratic Party, is not ready to support the slogan of the liberal part of the Democrats about the destruction of the police. Instead, Biden promised in the first 100 days of the presidency to create a federal commission to oversee the work of the police.

Such an idea may seem symbolic, but it hides something more. American police have always been accountable to local and local authorities, with whom they worked closely, and independent of the federal government.

The emergence of a nationwide police commission will be the first step towards centralizing law enforcement. It’s not long to go from here to the creation of the federal police department, which has been a Democrat’s dream for 200 years: to deprive the states of the function of law enforcement and to manage the entire policy directly from Washington.

Trump, in turn, in the usual manner for him, gave the local authorities a full carte blanche in resolving the consequences of the riots. Today he announced the withdrawal of the National Guard against Washington: it is no longer necessary; new pogroms and riots are not yet in sight.

Against the background of Trump's press appearances, a number of representatives of the ex-establishment of the Republicans began to reflect on Biden's support in the 2020 elections. George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Colin Powell are ready to vote for Biden or the third candidate in the election, but not for Trump.

In the White House, this may even rejoice. In 2016, Trump's headquarters strategists made full use of populist and anti-power sentiment to win the election. Now — after four years of presidency, it will be more difficult to work with such an agenda, but the mood of the press and the establishment of both parties make this task easier for Trump's political strategists.

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