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Trump is ready to start a trade war with the EU and China over lobsters

President of the United States Donald Trump threatened to impose duties on cars made in the European Union, and on some Chinese goods if trading partners do not reduce their duties on American lobster. This is reported by gCaptain.

“If the European Union does not remove this tariff immediately, we are going to set a tariff on their cars, which will be equivalent,” Trump said.

Trump also said that some Chinese products will be subject to duties — “for something that they sell is very valuable to them.”

Trump often threatened tariffs on cars imported from the EU, mainly to force Europeans to agree to negotiations and force German automakers to take on new investments in the United States.

Recall that now the confrontation between the United States and China is gaining momentum. Against the backdrop of the upcoming presidential election, the White House is developing options for punishing Beijing for intentionally hiding information about the dangers of coronavirus. Donald Trump did not rule out that the States may increase duties on Chinese goods.

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