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“Orange vests” intend to arrange a coup in Italy

“Orange vests” intend to arrange a coup in Italy

The Italians, who were sitting at home because of the coronavirus, became increasingly indignant at the incapacity of the authorities, which could not provide the country with everything necessary to fight the infection.

Italy has been hit hard by a coronavirus. The economy suffered, thousands of enterprises stood up, people were left without work. The Italians concluded that if more talented and far-sighted people were in power, there would not be such a nightmare in the country.

On the streets of the cities, despite the fact that restrictions due to the coronavirus have not yet been lifted, a huge number of protesters came out. “Orange vests” began to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, together with an incompetent government, to withdraw from the EU and to abandon the use of the euro. Neither these people in power nor the presence of Italy in the European Union brought anything good to anyone. Therefore, Italy needs to get rid of everything that hinders its development and prosperity.

The discontent in the country is so great that the protesters deliberately take risks — violate the mask regime and the ban on mass crowds. Their fury is so great that they think of nothing but the resignation of those who are not comfortable with the country and their withdrawal from the EU.

What will end the performance — time will tell. Apparently, fewer countries in Europe want to remain in the EU. The states are not satisfied with the policy of the European Union; they want independence. It is possible that the country will not only face a coup, but also a more serious change. The degree of discontent is growing more and more, so it is possible that another country will soon leave the European Union.

The main reason for dissatisfaction with EU policies is the influx of migrants and the game of tolerance. If you leave the European Union, then these issues can be resolved at your discretion. That is, there will be a chance to get rid of migrants from Africa and the Middle East by sending them back home, or to EU countries if they are so expensive there that they are ready to contain a gang of scumbags and loafers who turned Europe into a pigsty.

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