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Trump urged to encourage US police

Trump urged to encourage US police

President Donald Trump has called for encouraging police officers by increasing funding for the country's law enforcement agencies. He wrote about this on his Twitter account.

“The new theme of the radical left-wing Democrats is to cut police funding. Keep this in mind when you don't want crimes to be committed, especially against you and your family. That's where the socialists are pulling Sleepy Joe [Joe Biden]. I — the complete opposite, more money to law enforcement agencies! “ — wrote the head of the White house.

Trump also commented on The politico article, which notes that the most likely candidate from the US Democratic party Biden is losing confidence from law enforcement agencies: “His aides want him to cut police funding. I want more money for law enforcement!»

Earlier in June, the newspaper's journalists wrote that Biden may lose support for the police because of his calls for national policy reforms. In their opinion, against the background of national protests and mass riots, such statements by the democratic candidate cause a sense of insufficient solidarity with law enforcement agencies, as a result of which many who once supported Biden will be disappointed that they have become part of the political game of their former ally.

Both candidates in the upcoming us presidential election have chosen different approaches to the issue of resolving the protests that have flared up in the country. Trump issued a call to restore law and order by threatening military action, while Biden, who was” his guy “ for police officers, now focused on the need for reform in the face of deep-rooted racial disparities still plaguing the nation.

In dozens of us cities, protests broke out against police brutality over the death of an African-American man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, who suffered as a result of a rough arrest. In some cases, protests are accompanied by riots, clashes with the police, looting, and pogroms.

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