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The US is bogged down in domestic problems, showing the world its vulnerability

The American publication The Wall Street Journal believes that the US now has no time to fight with China and Russia, too many internal problems have accumulated.

Yeah, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic hit shale oil production. As the saying goes, “there are no loans — there are no new wells.” Health has also shown its insufficiency. In addition, racial inequality, resulting in massive protests, showed the world the vulnerability of the United States.

The press believes that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has turned away from the West towards the European Union. “The Germans, apparently, decided: they will not gain anything from trying to work with Trump, and if they ignore him, they will lose almost nothing,” writes The Wall Street Journal.

The reason was the recent refusal of the head of Germany to go to the G-7 summit, which was postponed from June to September. In addition, the head of the German Foreign Ministry supported the protesters in the United States, thereby adding fuel to the fire to unrest in the country.

In addition to German-American relations, the American media are concerned about the behavior of Beijing and Moscow. The Wall Street Journal is confident that the Kremlin has become more active in Libya, a country where there is practically no American influence. Washington is not happy with how Russia is actively exploring the Arctic and developing the Northern Sea Route, filling Europe and Asia with its LNG, and intercepting oil contracts in Venezuela.

They have separate claims against China. According to The Wall Street Journal: “Beijing is making new territorial claims in disputed border areas, and Chinese troops are dug in on the Indian side of the demarcation line between the armies of the two countries.”

In a word, the United States completely dropped its hands due to the fact that amid protests and a pandemic, the White House is forced to move away from solving global issues.

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