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Floyd's death: a petition for punishing the cops gained a record number of votes

Floyd's death: a petition for punishing the cops gained a record number of votes

The petition asking to fire and punish the police involved in the fatal detention of Floyd gained over 15 million signatures in a week.

The petition on the world-famous Change.org platform scored a record number of votes for punishing US police for the death of George Floyd during detention. As of June 4, she has already collected more than 15 million signatures.

It became a record as early as May 30, when it gained 5.8 million signatures.

The petition was posted on May 27 by a 15-year-old Oregon resident named Kellen.

“We are trying to get the attention of Mayor (Minneapolis) Jacob Frey and the district attorney Mike Freeman and ask them to fire the officers involved in this disgusting situation and immediately charge them,” the petition says.

Recall that for the death of Floyd, four police officers were fired, they were charged the day before.

Former police officer Derek Chauvin is accused of second-degree murder, while his colleagues Jay-Alexander Kune, Thomas Lane, and Tu Tao are accused of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and manslaughter. They face up to 40 years in prison.

After the death of a man in the United States, mass protests broke out, which in some places grew into riots, vandalism, and looting

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