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British Parliament criticized Trump brutality

British Parliament criticized Trump brutality

Members of the British parliamentary opposition called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to condemn the actions of US President Donald Trump during the protests. It is reported by The Independent.

So, 40 deputies from the Liberal Democrats party criticized the prime minister’s silence. In their view, London’s refusal to condemn the behavior of the US president is shameful. Oppositions believe that Trump used an even tougher policy against protesters against police violence. Beatings of protesters and journalists, as well as threats to open fire on marauders, are cited as examples.

Johnson, in turn, called the death of George Floyd, which provoked mass protests, an unforgivable and terrible event. “I perfectly understand the right of people to protest against what happened. Although I also believe that the protest should take place in a lawful and reasonable manner, ” he concluded.

The day before, protesters in London against police violence and racism besieged the residence of the Prime Minister of Great Britain. The police cordoned off the building and urged the protesters not to try to get inside. According to Sky News, several thousand people came to protests in support of performances in the United States, in London.

Protests against police brutality over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have been held in cities in different parts of the United States for ten days. He died as a result of a gross arrest: the policeman used strangulation against him. Protests across the country grew into riots, which killed at least 12 people.

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