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DPRK begins to threaten South Korea: what happened?

DPRK begins to threaten South Korea: what happened?

The DPRK warned that it would terminate the inter-Korean military agreement in 2018 if South Korea could not prevent the defectors and activists from scattering anti-Pyongyang leaflets in the border areas. This is stated in a statement by the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Ye-Jeong, who unofficially serves as the head of the staff of Kim Jong-un, DW reports.

She said the military treaty reached in 2018 “is unlikely to have any value.”

Kim Ye-Jeong also said that the North can permanently close the office of communication with the South and the inter-Korean industrial park in the border town of Kaesong.

The statement dealt with the thousands of “leaflets against the DPRK" that were recently thrown into the northern part of the demilitarized zone separating the two countries.

North Korean defectors and many activists have used balloons in the past few weeks to scatter leaflets that condemn Kim Jong-in for his nuclear ambitions and the suppression of human rights.

“If such a malicious intent committed before our eyes will go its course under the pretext of” personal freedom “and” freedom of expression, “the South Korean authorities should soon face the worst phase,” said Kim Ye-Jeong, reports KCNA.

We note that amid rumors of either a serious illness or even the death of the leader of North Korea, Western media have come up with versions who can replace Kim Jong-un at the highest state post. Most often, the name of the younger sister Kim Jong-un — Kim Yo Jung — appears in the media. Allegedly, it’s Kim Yo Jeong, who recently appeared very often with Kim Jong Un, who can become the new leader of the North Korean people. However, experts at Today say that this is impossible by definition.

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