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Protesters in the US supported by former President Barack Obama

Protesters in the US supported by former President Barack Obama

Barack Obama supported peaceful protests against police violence against black Americans and called for reform of the police.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama supported protests in the U.S. and called on city mayors to reform the law enforcement system. He made the corresponding statement during an online conference on the topic on Thursday, June 4.

“The past weeks have been somewhat tragic, just as hard, scary and uncertain, but they have also been an incredible opportunity for people to wake up,” Obama said.

The president added that this awakening “provides an opportunity for everyone to fight together, change America, and force it to realize its best ideals.”

In addition, Obama recalled that the US was based on protests.

“Every step of progress in this country, every expansion of freedom, every expression of our deepest ideals was possible thanks to efforts that made the status quo uncomfortable,” the president added.

Obama summarized that all Americans should be grateful to people who wish to bring about change in a peaceful, disciplined way.

In turn, Trump previously called the riots in the United States acts of internal terrorism and threatened to bring the army to where the authorities refuse to use the National Guard. This has been fiercely criticized by the public, the media, politicians, and governors.

In addition, this idea was not publicly supported by the country's defense minister.

Recall that a wave of protests swept across the United States due to the death in Minneapolis of an African American George Floyd during police detention.

In a number of cities, stocks grew into riots, acts of vandalism, arson, and robbery. They were accompanied by clashes with security forces. There are casualties and numerous victims on both sides.

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