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Google to pay at least five billion dollars for collecting data in incognito mode

Google to pay at least five billion dollars for collecting data in incognito mode

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Google to pay at least five billion dollars for violating the privacy of millions of users by collecting their personal data through browsers in incognito mode, Reuters reports.

The appeal was filed in the court of the American city of San Jose, California. In it, the plaintiff accused Alphabet, the parent company of Google, of secretly collecting information about sites visited by users and content viewed in incognito mode.

According to the lawsuit, Google used the data to learn about users ' friends, Hobbies, favorite food, shopping preferences, and “the most personal and potentially embarrassing things.”

The complaint states that Google collected information through its own products-Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and other website apps and plug-ins. These include smartphone apps, regardless of whether the user clicked on ads running through Google.

In November 2019, it was reported about a Google project for which millions of patients from medical institutions were collected in secret from users. It was claimed that the initiative is aimed at introducing Google to the healthcare industry.

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