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Not only Biden: Trump in the elections ahead of other democrats

The President lags behind in ratings immediately from three candidates from the Democratic Party

Photo: AFP

If the presidential election were held in the United States today, the current owner of the White House, Donald Trump, would have lost them immediately to three opponents from the Democratic Party.

According to a poll loyal to the president of Fox News, the biggest gap from Trump continues to be maintained by former vice president Joe Biden - 51% versus 39%. In addition, Biden is supported by 96%, while Trump - 86%.

Senators Bernie Sanders (49%) and Elizabeth Warren (46%) are also among the top three.

It is curious that in this case, in the ranking of primaries of Democrats, Sanders is inferior to Warren (21% against 19%). At the same time, Biden remains the undisputed leader with 31%.

The fourth of the Democrats, Mayor Pete Butagej, has caught up with the president - he also has 41%.

Recall that the presidential election in the United States is scheduled for November 2020, but the Democrats initiated Congress to impeach Trump. If they manage to finish what they have begun (which will be the first case in American history), then early elections will be held in the country.

In addition, a few days ago, the lower house of the US Congress approved a resolution with official support for an investigation into the actions of President Donald Trump. This decision of the House of Representatives is the first in the framework of the impeachment proceedings initiated by the Democratic Party.

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